2022 Pauling Medal Symposium: Preliminary Information

Dr. Cynthia J. Burrows,
2022 Pauling Medalist

The 2022 Pauling Medal Symposium

Date: October 29th, 2022

Location: Robertson Life Sciences Building, OHSU
(Oregon Health Sciences University), Portland, Oregon

Alison Butler, University of California, Santa Barbara
Valeria Molineri, University of Utah
Jonathan L. Sessler, University of Texas
Cynthia J. Burrows, 2022 Pauling Medalist, University of Utah

Symposium Hosts and Organizers: The 2022 Pauling Medal Symposium is hosted by the Portland Section of the American Chemical Society.

Additional details about the symposium, registration, awards banquet, etc. will be posted at the symposium web page as information becomes available.

For questions about the 2022 symposium: Please contact Dr. Dean Atkinson at atkinsdb@pdx.edu or Dr. David Reingold at reingold@juniata.edu.