Pauling Medal Symposium – October 29, 2022

The three Northwest ACS sections (Puget Sound, Portland, and Oregon) are happy to announce the upcoming Pauling Medal Symposium and Poster Session starting at 11 AM on October 29 at the Robertson Life Science Building (Oregon Health Sciences University) in Portland.  This year’s Pauling Medalist is Professor Cynthia Burrows of the University of Utah, and she will be joined by three other leading researchers: Professor Alison Butler, University of California, Santa Barbara, Professor Valeria Molinero, University of Utah and Professor Jonathan L. Sessler, University of Texas, Austin who will each give lectures during the afternoon symposium.  The event culminates in a banquet, with a medal presentation and awardee talk by Professor Burrows.

There will be a Poster Session open to high school, undergraduate, graduate students, and high school teachers in all three sections.  There will be monetary prizes of $100 available to the presenters, who are also invited to attend the symposium banquet free of charge.  Symposium attendees are warmly invited to join the culminating events, including the banquet at a cost of $30 for general attendees and $10 for students, K-12 teachers and unemployed-but-looking members.

Please go to the Pauling Symposium website for registration information.  Those interested in presenting at the Poster Session will also need to register on the separate Poster Session page.  Note that those planning to attend the symposium but not the banquet do not need to register at all.

All participants/attendees must be vaccinated or have a recent negative PCR test.  See COVID policy on the website.

We hope to see you there!