Student Scholarship and Award Opportunities

The Education Committee of the ACS Puget Sound Section is pleased to manage a number of scholarship, grant, and award opportunities for students in our section. Detailed information is below. Please feel free to distribute this information far and wide. Students must be enrolled in an institution within the ACS Puget Sound Section. Please see the link below for a list.

Please share this attached flyer and information with your students either in class or through emails, Canvas (or other LMS), etc.

1) $1500 scholarship for 2-year and 4-year students! 

  • The scholarships are named after William J. Wasserman and Julia A. Rutherford. Click on these links for the application and eligibility requirements or see attached PDFs.
  • The deadline is APRIL 1 and students are asked to submit letters of recommendation – many thanks in advance to those of you who will be supporting students in this! 

2) ACS Affiliate Chapter Grants (student led chem clubs) of up to $500 for activities and travel. Please pass along to your student groups and encourage this – we have $2000 budgeted with none of it spent yet. No set deadline! Link to application

We appreciate all of you who have been supporting this work by sharing the info with your students. Please continue to do so, and additionally encourage others you know to take advantage of these opportunities as well! 


Q. Can all Washington schools take advantage of these scholarships and awards?

A. No, since the funds for the scholarship come from the ACS Puget Sound region. See list of institutions 

Q. We don’t offer organic chem at our institution – can our students apply for the scholarships?

A. This has been a recurring discussion and we realize more and more schools are being forced to cut their organic program. The committee has agreed by majority to require at least concurrent enrollment in organic chem to demonstrate the student’s commitment to taking more than one year of college chem. 

Q. My 2- year college students want to apply but they are transferring to a 4-year next year so do they apply for the 2-year or the 4-year scholarship?

A. Students currently at a 2-year institution apply for the 2-year scholarship to use funds at a 4-year college. It is to encourage and support students to pursue chemistry when they transfer. The funds are not intended to be used for a 2-year student to continue taking courses at a 2-year institution but rather for transfer to a 4-year institution.

For any questions, please contact:

Jennie Mayer
ACS Puget Sound Section
Education Committee Chair

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