Opportunities for Chemistry-Related Employment and Internships

For chemistry-related employment or internships, the ACS PSS will post the title of the position and the organization’s URL at which an applicant can find further information. Please use this form to submit information that will be considered for posting. We will endeavor to update this page near the beginning of each month, using information that we have received during that month or the month prior. Information will remain posted for about two months from the date of submission.

Chemistry Faculty – Tenure Track at Pacific Lutheran University: Review of applications will begin October 1, 2023. Please contact Dr. Andrea Munro (chair@chem.plu.edu) for more information. (Listed at ACS PSS August 28, 2023)

Polymer Scientist / Chemist, Rogers Corporation: (Listed at ACS PSS July 25, 2023)

Temporary Chemistry Instructor (Summer quarter), University of Washington: Contact the University of Washington Department of Chemistry for information about this position and how to apply. (Listed at ACS PSS March 9, 2023).

Chemical Hazards Expert: Chemical hazards expert sought for consulting work in a study related to a facility near an energy park (oil refinery plus chemical products). For further information use the Contact Us link at www.numarkassoc.com. (Listed at ACS PSS March 1, 2023)

Math – Chemistry Study Skills Instructor, University of Washington: For further information contact Lindi Rubadiri-Mujugira at lindirm@uw.edu (Listed at ACS PSS January 21, 2023)

Chemistry Faculty (Tenure Track), Highline College: For further information, contact Aaron Moehlig at amoehlig@highline.edu (Listed at ACS PSS January 11, 2023)

Chemistry Professor – Tenure Track, Tacoma Community College: For further information, contact Chris Willett at cwillett@tacomacc.edu (Listed at ACS PSS January 11, 2023)

Formulation Chemist and Product Development Scientist: For further information, contact Michael Croix at michael@sunflybrands.com (Listed at ACS PSS December 3, 2022)

Lead Organic or Physical Organic Chemist, Banyu Carbon: For further information contact Alex Gagnon at alex@banyucarbon.com (Listed at ACS PSS November 27, 2022)