The 2022 Pauling Medal Symposium

Dr. Cynthia J. Burrows,
2022 Pauling Medalist

The 2022 Pauling Medal was awarded to Professor Cynthia J. Burrows, Distinguished Professor and Thatcher Presidential Endowed Chair of Biological Chemistry at the University of Utah. The Pauling Medal Award was presented to Professor Cynthia J. Burrows at the Pauling Medal Symposium on October 29, 2022. Information about last year’s symposium is below.

Cynthia Burrows, 2022 Pauling Medal Winner
Cynthia J. Burrows, 2022 Pauling Medal Winner

The 2022 Pauling Medal Symposium

Date held: October 29th, 2022

Location: Robertson Life Sciences Building, OHSU, Portland, Oregon
The Roberson Life Sciences Building (RLSB) is a joint facility of Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), Oregon State University, and Portland State University. It is located on the campus of OHSU. Directions and information about parking are given at the RLSB web page. There is free parking at the Schnitzer Lot on weekends. Here is an OHSU printed map and walking directions from the Schnitzer lot to RLSB.

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  • 11:00-1:00  Poster Session – Click here for the Abstract Booklet
  • 1:00-5:30  Pauling Symposium Lectures
  • 5:30-7:00 Reception (Sponsored by FloraWorks)
  • 7:00-9:00 Banquet/Medal Presentation/Awardee Talk

Register for the Banquet (Closed)

The poster session, lectures, and reception was free and open to the public. The banquet was a ticketed event with registration (now closed).

Please see the information below regarding COVID-19 policies for the 2022 Pauling Medal Symposium and Banquet.

Information about the poster session can be found at the Portland ACS Posters page. The Poster Session Abstract Booklet is here.


Professor Alison Butler, University of California, Santa Barbara

Siderophores in Stereo: The Importance of Chirality in Microbial Iron Acquisition

Professor Allison Butler

Professor Valeria Molinero, University of Utah

Molecular Recognition of Ice by Proteins: From Ice Nucleation to Antifreeze

Professor Valeria Molinero

Professor Jonathan L. Sessler, University of Texas

Texas-inspired Drug Discovery Efforts

Professor Jonathan Sessler

Professor Cynthia J. Burrows, 2022 Pauling Medalist, University of Utah

Beyond Watson & Crick (and Pauling!):  DNA Chemistry Defines Who We Are

Symposium Hosts and Organizers: The 2022 Pauling Medal Symposium was hosted by the Portland Section of the American Chemical Society.

For questions about the 2022 symposium: Please contact Dr. Dean Atkinson at or Dr. David Reingold at

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COVID-19 Policies for the Pauling Medal Symposium:

OHSU firmly believes that vaccination is one of our most important tools to help keep our community well and protected against COVID-19 so we require guests of our events to either fully vaccinated or receive a negative PCR test within 48 hours of the event. 

By registering or attending this event, you agree to be in compliance of this policy. Mask-wearing is not mandatory in (non-healthcare location of event), although we recognize some people may feel more comfortable wearing one. While there are many people who may feel ready to take off their mask, there are also many with underlying conditions or a personal preference to continue protecting themselves with masks. Thank you for respecting your colleagues’ personal preferences.

Whether or not you test positive for COVID-19, we urge you to stay home if you have a cough, runny nose (unlike your usual seasonal allergies), headache, fatigue or any other symptom.

For information about submitting nominations for future Pauling Medal Awards, please contact the chair of one of the sponsoring ACS local sections: Puget Sound, Portland, and Oregon.

For further information about Linus Pauling, please see the Pauling Archives and Research Center at Oregon State University.

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