You Can Help Create Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Over the past 11 years, the Puget Sound Section has awarded fifty scholarships to students interested in chemistry. The funds come from the annual section budget, and we now hope to expand our scholarships to award additional scholarships to diverse students. We have received a $850 challenge grant from the ACS, and Executive Committee members have pledged $850 in matching funds. If we can raise $2150, we can award two additional scholarships to help historically underrepresented minority chemistry students*pursue undergraduate degrees. For each $1500 received, we will award an additional scholarship! Students may use the funds for tuition, lab fees, books and supplies and living expenses.

Please read below for some testimonials regarding our scholarships.

You may contribute to our scholarship fund online via our PayPal account using the Donate Button below or the QR code above. You may also send a check to our treasurer, Sheri Tonn at 7311 East Side Drive NE, Tacoma, WA 98422. Any funds not awarded this year will be carried over to future years. Your tax deductible donation will receive a receipt, and the award recipients will be featured at our website. Thank you from your local section Executive Committee and your Education Committee!

Here is the testimony of a past Wasserman scholarship recipient, Jade Troung, who says:

I got the scholarship when the pandemic happened. As an international student, I was really struggling to focus and maintain my education in the U.S. as I was not able to come back home. The scholarship from the ACS supported me in overcoming that challenging time, so I could finish my degree and be able to pursue higher education in the U.S. This scholarship not only supported me financially, but it also meant to me from diverse perspectives. As an international student, I always remind myself to work harder and advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion. This is a great experience on my academic journey so that I will use it to motivate and inspire other people in the international student community.

After graduating from Tacoma Community College, Jade has continued her education at Whitworth University where she is a TA for organic chemistry. At TCC she was a science tutor. She hopes to continue her education in health sciences and hopes to become a university professor.

Emeritus Professor John Macklin worked with many BIPOC students during his 37year career at the University of Washington. He is also a councilor for the Puget Sound Section and active member of our DEIR Committee. He says:

 Persons from underserved, underrepresented communities have traditionally been systematically stigmatized, discouraged and denied access to education that inspires pursuit and prepares them for academic success in the physical sciences.  These systemic barriers have led to a dismal lack of diversity in the chemical and physical sciences. The American Chemical Society (ACS) has made a priority commitment to addressing this disparity in fields of chemistry. As part of this effort, The Puget Sound Section (ACS) will offer scholarships to students who identify as a member of a population underrepresented in chemistry and is majoring in a chemistry intensive field.  

Scholarship assistance is much appreciated and very helpful to students who experience financial stress and often must be gainfully employed to stay in school.  A scholarship thus allows the student to better advance their studies.  Moreover, such help bolsters confidence and offers encouragement to the struggling student.  We invite your participation by giving a tax-deductible donation to the ACS scholarship fund. 

Thank you for supporting our efforts to create more scholarship opportunities!