Jennie Mayer Receives 2023 AWIS Award for Excellence in STEM Education/Outreach

Jennie Mayer, MS,  Physical Sciences Program Chair and Professor of Chemistry, Bellevue College

Jennie Mayer, Physical Sciences Program Chair / Chemistry Instructor at Bellevue College, has been awarded the 2023 Association of Women in Science (AWIS) Award for Excellence in STEM Education/Outreach. Jennie is the Education Committee Chair for the American Chemical Society Puget Sound Section. Congratulations, Jennie!

Jennie’s award was presented at the AWIS Banquet on June 14th at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. Jennie is pictured here at the banquet with ACS PSS colleague Carole Berg. Click here for an event summary with a collage of additional photos.

Jennie obtained her BA in Biochemistry and her MS in Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside. She has been department chair at Bellevue for 12 years and works closely with the college administration as a co-lead for Bellevue College’s Student Success Initiatives to improve student outcomes and close equity gaps.  In the realm of chemistry education, she serves as a Lead Contributor to ChemEdX and is a STEM Faculty Community of Practice lead to bring WA college chemistry faculty together monthly to support best practices. Since 2005, Jennie has participated in many outreach events at local schools and science camps, including Native American reservations.  In 2018, she helped found Science Scouts for 4th/5th grade girls in Seattle. As the Education Chair for the American Chemical Society Puget Sound Section, Jennie has helped award scholarships to college students, recognize outstanding high school teachers, give chemistry awards at local science fairs, and carry out the US National Chemistry Olympiad. In the classroom, she is most interested in active learning techniques, high impact practices which incorporate storytelling, art, science of cooking, sustainability, research projects, and culturally-relevant pedagogy. She also supports non-traditional students, English language learners, part-time students and full-time working students with supportive classroom policies and resources to make organic chemistry more accessible to everyone.  Her YouTube channel, OrgoTime, reaches students in and outside the US.