ACS PSS is ChemLuminary Award Finalist for “Outstanding U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad”

The ACS Puget Sound Section has been selected as a finalist in the ChemLuminary Awards for “Outstanding U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad”!  Please congratulate and thank Jennie Mayer and Clarita Bhat for of all their great work this year and over many years! As one Executive Committee member stated, “You have poured your skills and heart into the event. We know how passionate you are about supporting students especially the advanced students who are the most interested in the chemical sciences. This is such a great honor to have your work (passion) recognized as a ChemLuminary finalist.”

The award winner will be announced in San Francisco at the ACS Fall 2023 – American Chemical Society. The ceremony will be held on Tuesday, August 15. If you are attending the San Francisco ACS Meeting you are welcome to join the ceremony and the party afterwards (open and free to all). Check the ACS meeting program for actual times and location. 

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