PSS at the ACS Fall Meeting

Here is some information regarding the Puget Sound Section and the upcoming ACS 2023 Fall Meeting.

The Puget Sound Section will be taking part in the ACS Local Section Showcase that will take place during the ACS Fall 2023 Meeting at Sci-Mix on Monday, August 14 from 8:00-10:00pm.  Councilors Despina Strong, Dharshi Bopegedera and John Macklin will be attending in person and will represent the section at Sci-Mix. If you are attending the meeting, stop by and say hello. 

Our section is a finalist for the Chemistry Olympiad Chem Luminary award that will be presented during the annual ceremony on Tuesday, August 15. If you are attending the meeting, join the ceremony and the party afterwards (open and free to all). Check the ACS meeting program for actual times and location. 

The councilors will be voting on a significant change to the Board of Director’s structure. If approved, one of the six Director-at-Large positions will be converted into an International Director position. This change will provide international members with representation on the board, which is lacking today. At the end of 2022, over 20% of ACS members live in countries other than USA or Canada and do not have any representation on council or on the board. 

Thank you to Councilor Despina Strong for encapsulating this information.

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